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Daytime Affirmations for Unlimited Confidence

4.6 ( 2676 ratings )
Livsstil Hälsa & Fitness
Utvecklare: AllCoastDesign
4.99 USD

Take Charge of Your Life!
The techniques used in Unlimited Confidence will help you have the confidence you need to make real changes in your life. If you have skills and abilities, but are afraid to put yourself out there because you lack the confidence, then Unlimited Confidence will help you:

- Go After That dream Job!
- Pursue The Opposite Sex!
- Move To A New City!
- End A relationship!
- Take Charge Of Your Life
- So Much More!

Gaining Self Confidence Through Hypnosis and Daytime Affirmations - Unleash Your Potential!

Daytime Affirmations are a completely safe, straightforward, drug-free and 100% natural alternative. These recordings are developed and recorded by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed, Clinical Hypnotherpist.

As half-hour scripts from a full hypnosis session, they provide positive affirmations without any music or relaxation suggestions. Daytime hypnosis reinforces and affirms the power of hypnosis - during the daytime! iPhone users can play these affirms throughout the day to empower themselves.